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What Does Divine Lotus Doula Services Do?


  • provides physical, emotional, mental and informational support before, during and shortly after childbirth.

  • provides information on pregnancy, labor, and birth options for you & your partner 


  • promotes general health of yourself and of your baby, and whenever possible, that of their family and friends as well

  • supports you in the decisions that you make

  • advocates for you, never making decisions for you

Birth Doula Services

The Lotus Package

Includes two prenatal visits, labor & birth support and one postpartum visit. 

The Lotus Plus Package

Includes two prenatal visits, labor & birth support, one postpartum visit and your choice of one additional prenatal or postpartum visit!



Postpartum Packages are Customizable!
 $27-$37 per hour

Payment Plans Available

Sliding Scale Fees

Medicaid Accepted 

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